Paintings by Henryk Fantazos
                                                                                                 Polish Years 1965-1975
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Hesperida Immigrants-2 In-a-Foreign-City Landscape with Meteors.jpg (11052 bytes) Marta
Hesperida Immigrants In a Foreign City Landscape with Meteors Marta
Mausoleum-of-Priapus Naiades.jpg (11200 bytes) Nympheum Pterogenitalia Still-life_with_a_Flying_Lemon.jpg (1872 bytes)
Mausoleum of Priapus Naiades Nympheum Pterogenitalia Still-life with flying Lemon
Stony Suitcases.jpg (2603 bytes) Theater-of-Silences.jpg (9524 bytes) Tethered-Wandering_linocut.jpg (8950 bytes) The_Graphic_Tower.jpg (4691 bytes) Titans.jpg (12282 bytes)
Stony Suitcases Theatre of Silences Tethered Wandering The Graphic Tower Titans
Wrecked-World.jpg (10009 bytes)
Wrecked World