National Museum in Poznan, Poland; National Museum in Czestochowa, Poland; Museum Gornoslaskie in Bytom, Poland; National Museum in Lublin, Poland. Also in Art Collection of Sparkasse der Stadt Hagen, Germany and the Kosciuszko Foundation, New York. Art Collection of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. In permanent collection of National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. In many private collections around the world, chiefly in U.S.A., Germany and Poland.

                                          GROUP SHOWS

   2008 Anual Competition at FALC in Cary,NC

    2008 National show in Winston-Salem,Associated artists of Winston-Salem,NC

  2008 "Prints USA" at the Sprigfield Museum,Missouri.

    2007 "Form&Texture" group show in Winston-Salem N.C.

    2006 National Competition "American Landscape" Associated Artists,Winston-Salem

   2006 Biennial 2006 Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Newport News, Virginia

   2003 PRINS USA at Museum of Art , Springfield Missouri

    The Annual National  Show of Small Works, Santa Rosa, California

     The 10th National Open Show,Tampa, Florida

   2002  Invitational Exhibition of Drawings by North Carolinian    artists at Green Hill Center for N.C.Art,Greenville,N.C.

   2001 Annual Exhibition at the Durham Art Center ,N.C.

   2001  “Winter Show” at the Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art in Greensboro, N.C.

   2000-2001     “Tools as Art” exhibition at the National   Building Museum in Washington,DC, now traveling across the country

.  1997-Traveling Show of the recipients of the Fellowship Awards –Art Museums and Art Centers in North Carolina

  1995- Ottawa National Print Competition, Ottawa, Ohio 

  1994- International Print Competition, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, California 

  1993- Group Show at Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art, Greensboro, North Carolina 

  1988- "Art of Eating" group exhibit at Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, Monterey, California                                                                                  

.   1987- "Fantasy Landscape" group show at the Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida 

    1987 - 1988-Traveling show of narrative art in the South entitled, "Fact, Fiction, Fantasy" and organized by theUniversity of Tennessee in Knoxville and traveling all over the South.

   1987-"Recent Works" exhibit of five North Carolina artists at Green Hill Art Center, Greensboro,

   1987-"The Masters: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow" at Brown Gallery, Duke University, Durham, NC

   1986-"Southeast Visual Art" Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

   1985-"Galaxy 85" in Norfolk, Virginia

   1983-"Three Artists, Three States" Huntington Galleries, Huntington, West Virginia

   1983-"Allied Artists Juried Show' Sunrise Museum, Charleston, West Virginia   

   1983-"West Virginia Juried Show" Charleston, West Virginia 

  1983-"The Eccentrics" SECCA, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    1982-"Exhibition 290" Huntington Galleries, West Virginia

    1982-"New York International Art Fair"1980-"WASH ART" participation

  1979-"WASH ART participation 

  1978-"WASH 78" International Art Fair in Washington, D.C., representing Old Warsaw Gallery of Alexandria,Virginia 

         -"Metaphorical Trends in Contemporary Polish Art ‘' Exhibit of four artists in Dimock Gallery, Washington, D.C

    1975- Cycle of Exhibits "Metaphorical Art" in Desa Gallery, Krakow, Poland

      1975-Borderland of Fiction and the Truth" Painting Exhibition in Klodzko, Poland

      1974Exhibition of Polish Modem Art in Wellington, New Zealand -Painting Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium

        -"Polish Days" Exhibit in West Berlin, Germany 

     1973-"Polish Avant-garde" exhibition in Hauptstrasse Gallery, Neheim-Husten, West Germany 

    "Erotics" exhibition of paintings included in A. Banach book.,on Polish erotic art, Gallery Prysmat, Krakow, Poland 

  1972    Exhibition of Polish Metaphorical Art, Sveagalleriet, Stockholm-Exhibition in University of Cologne, West Germany 

  Metaphorical Art in Gallery Krikonet Goeteborg, Sweden 

   - Metaphorical Paintings in Galetzky Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany-Exhibition inWouve Center, Belgium

   1971"Pro Arte" exhibit in Zakopane, Poland 

  - National Exhibition "Portrait of Man" in Warsaw, Poland 

             Traveling exhibition of Polish Modem Art in West Germany: Kiel, Muenster, Hamm, Hanover, Bremen, Hagen” Mythology, Cults, Beliefs" in Gallery Pryzmat, Krakow, Poland Polish Art in Comenius Club, West Berlin, Germany

    1970-International exhibition "Grande Passage" in Geneva, Switzerland-"Four Orientations" in National Museum, Krakow, Poland 

    - Exhibition of Polish Modern Art in Cepelia Corporation, New York 

    1969-Exhibition "Youngest Generation" in Contemporary Gallery, Warsaw, Poland               

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