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"If art proves anything, one might say that this collection proves that art is fun, eccentricity abounds, love is complicated, good things exist. Henryk and Jack are artists in the school of Duerer and Horace."
--Annie Dillard, from her introduction

This 112 page collaborative book features over eighty of Jack's poems--written over the last twenty years--as well as engravings Henryk completed this past winter in response to his readings of Jack's work.


Jack G. Gilbert lives with his wife on a self-built flower farm in Orange County, North Carolina. In another life, he taught English literature at LSU (and assisted his wife in her rare book business) before retiring at age 46 to lead a simpler life--building, gardening, baking bread, writing poetry.

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Two deluxe editions are available.

Copies 1-10 are signed by both artists and accompanied by the entire suite of ten signed and numbered copper engravings hand-printed on  mouldmade paper, plus insured delivery : $ 870


Copies 11-100 are signed by both artists and accompanied by a single engraving (your choice- let us know which one you fancy by e-mailing the title to, plus insured delivery :

  $ 120


Ten copper engravings by Henryk Fantazos for  the Book of Poetry  "Song Of the Line" by Jack Gilbert
Sizes: 9x7 inches.Each is hand-printed, numbered and signed as part of limited edition of 100.Price; $ 60, entire set of Ten : $500
They are obtainable through PayPal payment. Within USA  no shipping or handling charges.Contact : for more information or other payment arrangements.
Duffy Morel Fig Orchard. Hunchback's Canoe Portrait of Jack.Gilbert Sarabande
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